IKER has been producing top quality upholstered furniture from start revolt. The furniture is designed to fit in both living and public spaces. Furniture along with all the accessories is sold to customers in 30 countries all over the world. But this is just the beginning…
We observe the changes in modern world, we talk to people, we try to recognise their needs, desires, dreams and style.
While establishing the company my target was to create a unique and individual design and we do our best to reach this goal. To my mind, design is not a trend or fashion. Design relates to the important issues of being functional, ergonomic, social, economic, it comments on cultural events. It is impossible to produce ideal products without the proper meaning of design. This is the reason why we not only invest in modern machines, experienced employees and top quality raw materials but also in people who know the meaning of design and can translate their knowledge and talent into the language of forms.

Their creativity makes our furniture well known around the world.

Janusz Obtułowicz