The FeFe table and bench is a set which may be put together in different configurations, depending on your needs. I wanted to create furniture which has a pleasant appearance, is delicate, slim and charming in form. Furniture which appears light despite the solid materials used in its production. The inspiration came from searching for something between a table and a typical bench, something convenient and comfortable, yet nice-looking. A piece of furniture to accompany us in our daily life. The table came first. A simple combination of several elements: the lean leg made of varnished turned MDF, the round glass top set on the head made of polished stainless steel, the base. Thanks to this particular design there appeared two areas of change: the leg area and the top area. This provides practically unlimited possibilities of modifying the colour and finish of those two elements. The top can be made of transparent, sanded, etched or ornate glass. Thanks to this, the piece gains its autonomy, and can be imbued with the right force and character, thus creating interiors with different types of atmosphere and dynamics.
This furniture is developed further through the table and bench family. All the elements of the set may function either together or separately. They fit every space, both public and private, such as waiting rooms, offices, lounges and drawing rooms.
top: sandblasted glass; base: massif varnished; table base: stainless steel